The Future Can Be Only for Ghosts

Over the course of a lengthy and meticulously documented investigation, the artist has reconstructed the history of an archaeological fragment from the ruins of the Achaemenid palace of Persepolis, in Iran, which was looted from the site in 1936, acquired by a Canadian museum in the early 1950s, stolen, rediscovered and finally returned to its country of origin—only to inexplicably disappear again. 

This short video, remotely directed by the artist, was illicitly filmed by a cinematographer friend as the Islamic government prohibits any artistic productions that they perceive as “glorifying” the pre-Islamic era. It was crucial for this film to be shot in late March when Persepolis is adorned with vibrant greenery, which lasts for only two weeks before the scorching sun dries it up. 

The sound piece that accompanies the video is composed by the Iranian musician Sina Shoaei, who lives in Tehran.