All Our Relations

This two-channel video installation comprises an empty Persian carpet that is spread in front of a large screen featuring scenic moving images. Floating on a panel, the carpet, a family heirloom of mine, invites the viewer to take part in a dream-like voyage.

Played in a loop, the smooth and leisurely-moving images have been put together from footage shot by the surveillance drones that were tasked to locate and capture giant hogweeds, a notoriously invasive plant in Europe and North America. Engaged in the act of excavating: I weeded out the rapid and violent movements of these surveillance videos to brought about the dream-like flight over landscapes. Here, I invite the viewers to reflect on the concept of western eye, such as map-making and surveillance derived from “seeing from above”, and the possibility of more horizontal ways of looking at, and learning about the nature.

Troubled Garden: Study for Migratory Roots >>


Two-channel video installation, 26 min, continuous loop